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Highly ductile amorphous oxide at room temperature and high strain rate, E. Frankberg, F. di Fonzo et al. Access publication

Tritium measurements by nuclear reaction analysis using ³He beam in the energy range between 0.7 MeV and 5.1 MeV, S. Markelj, M. Payet, E. Bernard, M. Lipoglašek, M. Kelemen, A. Cvetinović, C. Grisolia, P. Pelicon. Access publication

Double pulse laser-induced plasmas on W and Al by ps-LIBS: Focus on the plasma-second pulse interaction, A. Favre, V. Morel, A. Bultel, S. Idlahcen, A. Benyagoub, I. Monnet, A. Sémérok, M. Dinescu, S. Markelj, P. Magaud, C. Grisolia. Access publication

Comparison of two modelling tools for the evaluation of tritium and hydrogen transfers in nuclear reactors or complex systems, T. Gilardi, C. Moreno, C. Grisolia. Access publication

A 3D In Vitro Model of the Human Airway Epithelium Exposed to Tritiated Water: Dosimetric Estimate and Cytotoxic Effects, G. Baiocco, I. George, S. Garcia-Argote, I. Guardamagna, L. Lonati, Y. Lamartinière, T. Orsière, B. Rousseau, A. Ottolenghi, A. Jha, L. Lebaron-Jacobs, C. Grisolia, V. Malard.  Access publication

Absorption of a nanosecond laser pulse by a picosecond laser-induced preformed aluminum plasma, A. Favre, V. Morel, A. Bultel, G. Godard, S. Idlahcen & C. Grisolia. Access publication

Advances on GenIV structural and fuel materials and cross-cutting activities between fission and fusionL. Malerba, P. Agostini, M. Bertolus, F. Delage, A. Gallais-During, C. Grisolia, K. Liger & Pierre-F. Giroux. Access publication

Development of a viable route for lithium-6 supply of DEMO and future
fusion power plants, 
T. Giegerich, K. Battes, J.C. Schwenzer & C. DayAccess publication

Overview of the TRANSAT (TRANSversal Actions for Tritium) project, Karine Liger, Christian Grisolia, Ion Cristescu, Carlos Moreno, Véronique Malard, Dave Coombs and Sabina Markelj. Access publication

Thermochemical Non-Equilibrium in Thermal Plasmas, Bultel, V. Morel and J. Annaloro. Access publication

Efficient hydrogen and deuterium permeation reduction in Al2O3 coatings with enhanced radiation tolerance and corrosion resistance, D. IadiciccoS. BassiniM. VanazziP. MuñozA. MoroñoT. HernandezI. García-CortésF.J. SánchezM. UtiliF. García Ferré and F. Di Fonzo. Access publication

Towards ps-LIBS tritium measurements in W/Al materials, Arnaud Bultel, Vincent Morel, Aurélien Favre, Gilles Godard, Abdenacer Benyagoub, Isabelle Monnet, Alexandre Sémérok, Maria Dinescu, Sabina Markelj, Philippe Magaud & Christian Grisolia. Access publication

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