Virtual Second Tritium School 

14-18 June 2021

Marseille TRANSAT Second Tritium School

Initially hosted by Marseille (France), the second TRANSAT Tritium School will happen from 14 to 18 June 2021.

This 5-days event will consists of virtual invited lectures. The young generation of researchers working in fusion and fission research and development are encouraged to participate to gain knowledge. They will learn more on the challenges in the cross-cutting activities in fission and fusion on tritium together with waste management issues and biological studies applied to toxicology and dosimetry.

Participation is FREE of charge.

Interested will only need to register to the School. Registered participants will then receive an access code to join the virtual lectures and any other information.

The School will happen in afternoon hours, European central time, to make it available also for attendees outside Europe with different time zones.


Talk about tritium cycle in fusion – James Klein, SRNL

Assessment of tritium and hydrogen transfers in new generation fission reactors – Thierry Gilardi, CEA

Detritiation: physical process – Walter Shmayda, University of Rochester

Non-destructive measurements of tritium in solids by imaging plate technique and beta-ray induced x-ray spectometry – Yuji Hatano, Toyama University

Tritium detection techniques in TRANSAT – Pascal Fichet, CEA

Plasma wall interaction in fusion devices and its relevance for tritium fuel cycle – Greg de Temmerman

Tritium in plasma facing components in fusion devices: retention and transport – Klaus Schmid, IPP

Operational point of view ITER – Scott Willms, ITER

Tritium Processing in Breeding Blankets and Test Blanket Systems in DEMO – Alessandro Spagnuolo, EUROfusion

Antipermeation coatings for nuclear environments – Fabio di Fonzo, IIT

Tritium breeding blankets for DEMO – Water Cooled Lithium Lead – Marco Utili, ENEA

Tritium in circuit fusion – Carlos Moreno, CIEMAT

Dust and safety issues – Samuel Peillon, IRSN

Dust in tokamak – Christian Grisolia, CEA

Tritium in JET – Anna Widdowson, UAEA

Preparation for DT campaign in JET – Ben Wakeling, UAEA

French National Agency for Radioactive Waste Management – Robert Mandoki, ANDRA

Hard waste detritiation systems – Dave Combs, UKAEA

Overview of detritiation processes for solid tritiated softhousekeeping waste – Karine Liger, CEA

General principles and examples of decommissioning of a facility containing tritium – Aurelie Lis, CEA

Decommissioning and dismantling as social activities: what can the social sciences say about tritiated waste – R.J. Garcier, ENS

Human exposure to tritium: biokinetic models and health effects – UNSCEAR report – L. Lebaron Jacobs, CEA

The vato project: development and validation of a dynamic transfer model of tritium in a grassland ecosystem – S. Le Dizes, IRSN

Impact of tritium on aquatic environment – Awadesh Jha, UOP

The ecotoxicology of tritium: effects on fish using several endpoints, from molecule to individual responses – comparison to gamma radiation – Beatrice Gagnaire, IRSN

Tritium dosimetry: Modeling approaches at the sub-cellular scale – Giorgio Baiocco, UOP

Tritium dosimetry in humans and non-human biota – F. Paquet, IRSN

Invited speakers

James Klein (Savannah River National Laboratory)
Thierry Gilardi (CEA)
Walter Shmayda (University of Rochester)
Yuji Hatano (Toyama University)
Pascal Fichet (CEA)
Scott Willms (ITER)
Alessandro Spagnuolo (Euro Fusion)
Fabio Di Fonzo (IIT)
Marco Utili (ENEA)
Klaus Schmid (Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics)
Carlos Moreno (Ciemat)
François Gensdarmes (IRSN)
Christian Grisolia (CEA)

Anna Widdowson (UKAEA)
Ben Wakeling (UKAEA)
Robert Mandoki (ANDRA)
Dave Combs (UKAEA)
Karine Liger (CEA)
Aurélie Lis (CEA)
Laurence Lebaron Jacobs (CEA)
Séverine Le Dizes (IRSN Cadarache)
Awadhesh Jha (UOP)
Béatrice Gagnaire (IRSN Cadarache)
Nicolas Blanchin (CEA/CAD)
Giorgio Baiocco (UniPV)
François Paquet (IRSN)

Important dates

February 2021:  registration (free of charge)
15 May 2021: deadline for registration
14-18 June 2021: Second Tritium School


Thierry Orsiere, Aix-Marseille University, France
Sabina Markelj, Jožef Stefan Institute, Slovenia
Christian Grisolia, CEA, France

Organising Committee

Christian Grisolia, CEA, France
Thierry Gilardi, CEA, France
Thierry Orsiere, IMBE, France
Sabina Markelj, JSI, Slovenia
Ion Cristescu, KIT, Germany
Carlos Moreno, Ciemat, Spain
Véronique Malard, CEA, France
Dave Coombs, UKAEA, UK
Robert Vale, UKAEA, UK


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