TRANSAT workshop in Madrid

Madrid, TRANSAT Workshop

Mark your calendar for the first TRANSAT workshop on Tritium Transport Modelling in Nuclear Fission & Fusion!

As one of the TRANSAT partners, the CIEMAT will host this workshop in Madrid, from 21-22 October.

Tritium is of decisive importance for nuclear technology. The scarcity of this isotope and its radioactive nature make controlling its behaviour through the use of modelling tools essential for safety.

Morever, tritium plays the role of fuel in nuclear fusion which presents a challenge for real-time control and self-sufficiency prediction that can only be managed with modelling tools.

The TRANSAT project (TRANSversal Actions for Tritium) is a 4-year multidisciplinary project that contributes to improve knowledge on tritium management in fission and fusion facilities. This workshop aims to be a panel of experts to exchange knowledge and progress in tritium transport modelling techniques.


  • Modelling on Nuclear Fusion devices
  • Modelling on Nuclear Fission devices
  • Modelling on Environmental & Biological effects
  • Validation & Verification processes

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[…] From 21-22 October, the CIEMAT (one of the TRANSAT partners) organised in Madrid the first Workshop on Tritium Transport Modelling. […]

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