TRANSAT Workshop on Tritium Transport Modelling

Workshop in Madrid

From 21-22 October, the CIEMAT (one of the TRANSAT partners) organised in Madrid the first Workshop on Tritium Transport Modelling.

The workshop gathered 32 attendees who were able to acquire knowledge comign from 16 workshop expert presentations. Different topics were discussed including a wide range of issues applied to nuclear fission, fusion and radiological impact. Cases were treated from detailed level of energy processes in a material to global level of coupled systems, from 1D to 3D multi-physics perspective. Validation and verification procedures were discussed as well as benchmark cases between codes.

The workshop honoured the presence of Paul Humrickhouse (Idaho National Laboratory), developers of TMAP which is one of the pioneer codes in the tritium transport field. Invited speakers from European universities, such as Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Université Paris 13 or Politecnico di Torino, to companies, such as Empresarios Agrupados Internacional or IDOM.

Discussion was encouraged with the purpose of seeking answers to common problems and finding synergies between codes and procedures. In summary, the workshop created the foundation of a panel where share the expertise and common problems, approaching possible solutions and technical advances in predictive tools based on tritium transport simulation.


  • Modelling on Nuclear Fusion devices
  • Modelling on Nuclear Fission devices
  • Modelling on Environmental & Biological effects
  • Validation & Verification processes

Post written by Carlos Moreno from the CIEMAT and TRANSAT partner. 

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