TRANSAT (TRANSversal Actions for Tritium) is a 4-year multidisciplinary project that will contribute to improving the knowledge on tritium management in fission and fusion facilities. It will aim to address the challenges related to tritium release mitigation strategies and waste management improvement, and refine knowledge in the fields of radiotoxicity, radiobiology, and dosimetry.


The project aims to achieve 3 strategic objectives.

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TRANSAT will focus on technologies that will help reduce tritium permeation during the conceptual phase of nuclear reactors or devices.

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Tritiated waste management will aim to be improved through innovative measurements that assess both tritium inventory and profile, and through improved mitigation concepts in the case of tritium release above the acceptance criteria of the storage facility.

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Investigations will aim to improve the knowledge in the fields of radiobiology, dosimetry, radiotoxicology, genotoxicology and ecotoxicology, and of the environmental consequences in the case of contamination by tritiated products.


Various stakeholders contribute to the work carried out in TRANSAT and will benefit from the project outcomes. The production, storage, transport and other operations related to tritium will need a more specific framework in the long term. This project will bring major inputs to the existing technical and legal frameworks and to the development of appropriate rules, procedures, standards, legislation, etc. The outcomes will also bring new technical knowledge to the fission & fusion community and help the public and private stakeholders prepare for an appropriate global management and financial environment in the short, medium and long term horizon.


PM Culham (UK)
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Overview of the TRANSAT (TRANSversal Actions for Tritium) project, Karine Liger, Christian Grisolia, Ion Cristescu, Carlos Moreno, Véronique Malard, Dave Coombs and Sabina Markelj.

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18 partners from 8 European countries will improve the knowledge on tritium management  during 48 months.

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