Third TRANSAT workshop on corrosion

Third TRANSAT workshop on corrosion

On 16th of November, the TRANSAT Management Committee organised the third consortium workshop on corrosion. Due to the covid situation, this event happened online and gathered more than 35 partners.

The aim of this third event was to continue the series of internal workshops to share and enhance the interdisciplinary expertise across the different work packages. The corrosion topic is of great interest for different work packages since it may concern not only the stability of barriers (WP1), the modelling of various mechanisms (WP2), safety issues (WP3) and adapted waste processes (WP4).

The six presentations focused first on theoretical aspect of metal corrosion and electrochemistry (“Introduction on Corrosion” by B. Zajec). A special attention was also given to the specific case of cement corrosion / alteration (“Aqueous alteration of metals and cements” by J. Rose and “Corrosion of Al and Be in cement matrices” by D. Lambertin) whether concerning the cement corrosion itself or on the effect on Al and Be corrosion due to cement physical-chemistry. Two examples of corrosion were introduced concerning the “Corrosion of cooling system of fission reactors” (by B. Zajec) and the “Liquid metal corrosion” (by M. Utili). “New experimental facilities for PbLi corrosion studies in Fusion Technology” was also introduced (by E. Carella) to further develop the liquid metal corrosion topic.

Lastly, discussions and scientific exchanges were rich and intense during this third TRANSAT workshop on corrosion. This highlights the motivation and involvement of all the TRANSAT partners.




Post written by Jérôme Rose from the Aix-Marseille University and TRANSAT partner. 

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