TRANSAT 2nd Project Meeting

PM Culham (UK)

The second TRANSAT plenary meeting took place in Culham (UK) from 25-26 September. After one year, it was a great opportunity for partners to meet and share the first results of research carried out on transversal actions for tritium.

Each WP leader presented the results achieved and the upcoming activities already scheduled. One key issue for toxicity studies was to define realistic tritiated dust characteristics. For that, a literature review on dust production during maintenance and dismantling operations was presented. Moreover, the TRANSAT partners discussed how to make reliable tritiated samples and how to control the stability of the reference samples. The production of dust and selection of appropriate particle size turns out to be one of the most important and critical step in the toxicity studies.

During this meeting, the Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) agreed and talked about the current movement coming from the USA to reassess the dose significance of tritiated particles. Due to the urgency of this situation for the TRANSAT project and upcoming results, a possible collaboration between the CEA and the Idaho National Laboratory will be considered.


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