Virtual Second Tritium School 

14-18 June 2021

Marseille TRANSAT Second Tritium School

Initially hosted by Marseille (France), the second TRANSAT Tritium School will happen from 14 to 18 June 2021.

This 5-days event will consists of virtual invited lectures. The young generation of researchers working in fusion and fission research and development are encouraged to participate to gain knowledge and present challenges in the field of tritium management in fusion and fission facilities.

  • Tritium management
  • Tritium detection
  • Tritium migration
  • Tritium inventory & control
  • Tritium waste
  • Radiotoxicity/ecotoxicity
  • Epidemiology of tritium
  • Tritium dosimetry
Invited speakers

James Klein (Savannah River National Laboratory)
Thierry Gilardi (CEA)
Walter Shmayda (University of Rochester)
Yuji Hatano (Toyama University)
Pascal Fichet (CEA)
Scott Willms (ITER)
Alessandro Spagnuolo (Euro Fusion)
Fabio Di Fonzo (IIT)
Marco Utili (ENEA)
Klaus Schmid (Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics)
Carlos Moreno (Ciemat)
François Gensdarmes (IRSN)
Christian Grisolia (CEA)

Anna Widdowson (UKAEA)
Ben Wakeling (UKAEA)
Robert Mandiko (ANDRA)
Dave Combs (UKAEA)
Karine Liger (CEA)
Aurélie Lis (CEA)
Laurence Lebaron Jacobs (CEA)
Séverine Le Dizes (IRSN Cadarache)
Awadhesh Jha (UOP)
Béatrice Gagnaire (IRSN Cadarache)
Nicolas Blanchin (CEA/CAD)
Giorgio Baiocco (UniPV)
François Paquet (IRSN)


Coming soon

Important dates

March-April 2021:  registration early bird
15 May 2021: deadline for registration
14-18 June 2021: Second Tritium School


Thierry Orsiere, Aix-Marseille University, France
Sabina Markelj, Jožef Stefan Institute, Slovenia
Christian Grisolia, CEA, France

Organising Committee

Christian Grisolia, CEA, France
Thierry Gilardi, CEA, France
Thierry Orsiere, IMBE, France
Sabina Markelj, JSI, Slovenia
Ion Cristescu, KIT, Germany
Carlos Moreno, Ciemat, Spain
Véronique Malard, CEA, France
Dave Coombs, UKAEA, UK
Robert Vale, UKAEA, UK

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